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Currently working in the Graphics Department of MSNBC I am practiced with Chyron, Avid Orad, Avid Thunder Graphics Server, and Viz Trio and have worked on virtually all of the shows. In the past I interned at MSG Varsity immersing myself in the professional production of television and using the skills gained from Hofstra University to aid in the capture of live football games, and production of weekly taped programs. I have also had independent experience in creating my own pieces, including interviews, short fictional films, and editing those pieces. Not only have I garnered these technical skills, but have also spent time in management positions in the retail industry, where I oversaw teams of employees taking in, processing, and organizing products for stock.

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What I have done in the past.

My Works

Edit Reel

Videos showcasing my abilities in all aspects of the television industry.

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Work Experience

Graphic Operator, MSNBC, New York, NY - January 2013 - Present

  • Operate the Chyron, Avid Orad, Avid Thunder, and Viz Trio machines to put graphics to air during daily programs
  • Check graphic spellings before and during show

Production Assistant, MSG Varsity, Long Island - September 2012 - December 2012

  • Aided in transporting, setup, calibration and breakdown of equipment.
  • Immersion in Live Television Atmosphere

Editor, Cyclohexane Productions, Wantagh, NY - April 2012 – December 2012

  • Comprised two separate story-lines with transitions, additional stock footage and audio with proper credits
  • Corrected audio and color/exposure levels

Production Assistant, Keystone Productions, New York, NY - February 2012 – December 2012

  • Aided in transporting, setup, calibration and breakdown of equipment.

Preditor, Freelance – 2010 – Present

  • Inspected and scheduled sites for shoots.
  • Oversaw video and audio setup and capture for events.
  • Edited, labeled, duplicated, and distributed finished copies of production.

Director of Television Production Team, Pequannock High School; Pequannock, NJ – 2004 – 2007

  • Coordinated teams, assigning tasks and overseeing production.
  • Preproduction equipment setup.

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Edit Reel

My Edit Reel
  • A reel cut of some of the best footage to showcase my ability.

5 Pointz - Aerosol Art

5 Pointz - Aerosol Art
  • A video showing The Aerosol Art Center, Five Pointz.

The Chocolate Lady

The Chocolate Lady
  • A small, european style chocolate store in Oyster Bay.

The New York Aviators

The New York Aviators
  • A hockey team from New York, the Aviators.


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Letter To the Exiles

Letters To the Exiles
  • A look into a Christian hardcore rock band, The Letter To the Exlies.

Press Start

Press Start
  • A show capturing up and coming video games when it was produced.

About Me

Curtis at a Lightboard

I am a part of the Hofstra Student Alumni with experience in all parts of Television production. Sharpening my abilities and knowledge as an eager participant in campus productions I aided in designing and setting lights, shooting with cameras, importing and editing footage, creating and uploading graphics and writing and shooting my own interviews. I have been working with cameras since the beginning of High school and am still very dedicated to the process of creating my own productions.

Curtis working on a camera

Some of my freelance work includes, scouting locations, shooting, editing, and distributing dvds to customers. In my teamwork building I have taken the role of Production assistant on larger company projects; have edited a cooking show, Southern Fired Fitness; and while attending school was working full time in retail as a manager. All these jobs paired with my ever focused attitude has given me a great deal of experience in television production from the preproduction of writing and planning to working through shooting and finishing with the editing and distribution of the content.

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